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Welcome to the SlicingDice API documentation. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with SlicingDice as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

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API Upgrades & Versioning

What is my API version?

Your API version controls the API and webhook behavior you see (e.g., what properties you see in responses, what parameters you’re permitted to send in requests, etc.). Your version gets set the first time you make an API request. When we change the API in a backwards-incompatible way, we release a new dated version, but to avoid breaking your code, we don’t change your version until you’re ready to upgrade.

What changes does SlicingDice consider to be “backwards-compatible”?

  • Adding new API resources.
  • Adding new optional request parameters to existing API methods.
  • Adding new properties to existing API responses.
  • Changing the order of properties in existing API responses.
  • Changing the length or format of object IDs or other opaque strings.
  • Adding new event types.

Stay informed

We send information on new additions and changes to SlicingDice’s API and language libraries to all the users with accounts configured as Administrators on the SlicingDice control panel.

API changelog

The changelog is a list of backwards-incompatible updates in the API. As described above, new additions and forwards-compatible changes don’t need a new API version and will not appear on this list.

Until now (2018) we didn't make any API change that was backwards-incompatible.

What's Next

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