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You can download SlicingDice's's driver by clicking on this link.

Connection Instructions

To connect to the Driver you can follow the instruction on the official Driver documentation.

Connection String Options

The driver has a lot of connection string options that you can use to customize your experience, below you can find the most important ones.

  • Logfile - The path to the log file, with the log file you can find the translations made by the driver and debug if any error occur;
  • Verbosity - The log verbosity, you can set a value between 1 and 5 where 1 is the lower verbosity and 5 the higher.

You can find all the connection string options on the Driver documentation.

Use EnforceTableSchema to auto-create columns

The driver allows the user to auto-create missing columns using the INSERT statement, to do so you will need to add the following connection string when loading the driver: Other="EnforceTableSchema=false".

Usage Instructions

SlicingDice supports the SQL-92 insertions and queries so you can use the pure SQL to make queries and insertions using our driver. To learn more about the SQL compliance you can check the driver documentation. SQL Driver

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