Reserved Keywords

This reference contains every word reserved to be used by SlicingDice's platform. Those words (no matter lowercase or uppercase) cannot be used in:

  • Column name and api-name parameters;
  • Dimension name and api-name parameters;
  • Saved Query name parameters;
  • Database name.

aggregations delete integer-event score
aggs description intersect select
all distinct interval set
alter dimension into smallint
and drop is start
any else less-than starts-with
api-name ends-with less-than-or-equal storage
as enumerated like string
authorization equals limit string-time-series
auto-create exists lt string-event
avg false lte sum
between fields max table
boolean columns min tables
by filter minfreq then
bypass-cache float not to
cache-period for not-contains today
cardinality freqgroup not-equals trigger
char from now true
check grant null type
column greater-than of union
connect greater-than-or-equal on unique
contains group or unique-id
count gt order update
create gte page-token value
current having precision values
date hide-empty-values query varchar
decimal ids range verbose
decimal-places in response-method whenever
decimal-time-series insert revoke where
decimal-event integer row with
default integer-time-series rows yesterday