Loading data manually

On this section, you'll learn how to create and execute an one-time manual loading job to the Data Loading & Transformation module.

Creating an one-time loading job

An One-time Loading Job is used to load your data to your databases once, needing manual intervention to execute it. This job type is useful if you don't update your data frequently.

In the Control Panel, go to the Loading Jobs page and click on Create New Loading Job to start creating your job.

The first step is to configure your loading job identification as you can see below.

Screen to define the loading
         job identification

Here you'll define your loading job name, description, the registered data source to connect and the job type (One-time manual load in this case). When ready, click on Save & Continue.

Now you'll define in which of your databases and dimensions the data will be loaded.

Screen to define the loading
         job data destination

When everything is set, click on Save & Continue.

After this you'll map your source columns and match them with the SlicingDice columns and their supported data types.

For it, the first step is to detect your source schema, selecting the data you want to retrieve. You can do it choosing the Access mode - query or table - where you can define a SQL query or just inform the name of the table to retrieve data.

Map columns from source to SlicingDice columns

After detecting your schema, the selected source columns will appear at the Attribute and Event Columns mapping section. Map your source's columns to SlicingDice's existing columns or create new ones if needed. After that click on Save & Continue.

Finally just check your loading job configuration and click on Submit. Now you'll be able to find your created loading job at the loading jobs list. That's it! The next step is to execute your loading job manually.

Executing and checking an one-time manual loading job status

Once the loading job is created, it will automatically appear on the list of loading jobs. As your Loading Job is set as One-Time Manual Job, you can start it by clicking on the Play button at the Actions section on your loading jobs list.

You can also see the Status of your Loading Job changing to Running.