Connecting data sources

On this page you'll learn how to connect an external data source to SlicingDice via the Data Loading & Preparation Module.

Adding a data source

Setting up a data source will save all the connection information (such as location and credentials) needed for its access so SlicingDice can load your data during a Loading Job.

Below we explain how you can add a new data source to load your data to SlicingDice later using a loading job.

In the Control Panel, go to the Data Sources page and click on Create New Data Source to start adding your data source.

The first step is to configure your data source identification as you can see below.

Screen to define
        the data source identification

Here you'll define your data source name, description and possible labels. When ready, click on Save & Continue.

Now you'll define the appropriate data source credentials. Each data source type has its own credentials. Common credentials are IP, port, hostname, username, password, database name, URL address, access type, region and so on.

Below is an example of how to add a CSV (HTTP) data source.

Screen defining a csv data source

You can test the connection by clicking on Test Connection. If everything goes ok, you'll see a Connection Success message and then you can click on Save & Continue.

Finally just check your data source configuration and click on Submit. Now you'll be able to find your created data source at the data sources list. That's it!, now you can use this data source to create a loading job that will connect to this source and load your data.