Checking Billing

On this page you'll learn how to check your monthly billing invoices.

Checking Billing

The Billing section on your control panel is where you can find all information about how much you spent on SlicingDice and which credit card you'll use to be charged.

You can check your billing accessing the Invoices section where you will see a list of bills based on your usage of SlicingDice services per month as you can see below. Each month has its own invoice.

List of the invoices generated

A SlicingDice invoice example looks like the image below, where you'll be able to check the following information about it:

  • Date
  • Invoice number
  • Owner
  • Databases names
  • Pricing Models
  • Each item related with each database, dimension and its price per unit
  • Total amount charged
Example of a complete invoice

On your invoice you'll have a detailed overview of how you are being charged. If you have any doubts contact us!