WhizzML Reference

WhizzML is a domain-specific language for automating Machine Learning workflows, implementing high-level Machine Learning algorithms, and sharing them with others. This reference helps you find out more about WhizzML in it's native documentation.

WhizzML External Documentation

There are many ways to improve your skills in WhizzML, and in this section you will find many references to download scripts examples, discussions about workflow creations and all you need to improve your knowledge.

  • Concepts: To understand basic concepts, expressions, structure, procedures and many others resources about this domain specific language, please check this doc.
  • GitHub: Once you are in the scripts section, you can create a new script by using the editor, create a new script from an existing one, or import one from GitHub.
  • Tutorials: Here contains tutorials for writing these WhizzML workflows and algorithms. The tutorials are organized into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In the beginner tutorials, we go over each piece of the code in detail, explaining WhizzML language concepts and its standard library. As the tutorials get more advanced, we leave these details behind to focus on higher level concepts.
  • Discussions: In this BigML's Blog we can find many discusions about workflow created to many subjectives and, in the same time, good publications about the theme.
  • Primer: This User Manual provides an introduction to WhizzML, BigML’s domain-specific language for the creation of sophisticated, efficient machine learning workflows. We provide an overview of WhizzML’s workings and a primer to the language, complete with extended, tutorial examples.
  • Support: To get any support about WhizzML, please see this support channel.