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How the unlimited data works

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If you select the pay-per-column pricing model for your database, we will charge you based on the number of attribute columns and event columns you have on your database.

The cool thing of using pay-per-column is that all the values/rows you insert on your database are totally free and unlimited, due to the database compression technology we created.

This means you don't need to worry about reducing data collection to avoid increasing your costs. For example, if your website starts receiving more page views throughout the day than expected, your costs won't grow proportionally. Under this pricing model, you won't discard data that may be incredibly useful in the future simply to reduce storage costs.

To exemplify, check this data table below.

We are inserting few values on two string columns (state and city) and on two string event columns (page-view and clicks) for two entities (Entity1 and Entity2).




San Francisco

/online-demo - {% convert_date 'YYYY-MM-DDT12:54:12Z' '-5d' %}

buy now button - {% convert_date 'YYYY-MM-DDT16:21:08Z' '-2d' %}



New York

/platform - {% convert_date 'YYYY-MM-DDT09:23:45Z' '-7d' %}

support button - {% convert_date 'YYYY-MM-DDT11:32:18Z' '-5d' %}

Based on this example above, you would simply pay for four columns: two string columns (state and city) and two string event columns (page-view and clicks).

So, no matter how many entities you have or how many values/rows you are going to insert for the state, city, page-view and clicks columns, this will not change your monthly costs.

Check our pricing models.