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6. Data Visualization Pricing

The Data Visualization module pricing is very simple and starts as low as FREE.

The Data Visualization pricing model is based on two simple factors, how many charts and dashboards you want to create and also how frequent you want the charts and dashboards to be automatically updated using the newest data available.

There is also an additional add-on for the Data Visualization module for allowing you to embed the charts and dashboards directly into your own application. This add-on is normally by companies looking for Embedded Analytics solutions.

Data Visualization Pricing

Below you can find the price details based on the number of charts and dashboards and also the data refresh rate frequency.

Quantity of Charts and Dashboards

Below you can find the price based on the number of charts and dashboards you need to create.

Number of Charts
Number of Dashboards
Monthly Fee






US$ 50.00



US$ 100.00

Data Refresh Rate

Below you can find the price based on the frequency that charts and dashboard data is automatically updated.

Automatic Data Refresh Frequency
Monthly Fee

Refresh every hour


Refresh every 30 minutes

US$ 5.00

Refresh every 10 minutes

US$ 10.00

Refresh every minute (Real-time)

US$ 25.00

Embedded Analytics

There is a US$ 500.00 monthly fee for being able to generate the iFrame code for embedding any chart or dashboard created using the Data Visualization module.