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3. Adding a Data Source

On this page we explain how to add a new data source to the Data Loading & Syncing using the Control Panel.

Adding a data source using the control panel

Watch this quick video below to learn step-by-step how to add a data source using our Control Panel.

Data source wizard explained

Below we explain each one of the steps and fields required when adding a data source.

Step 1 - Data Source Setup


Data Source Name

The name of your data source. Can be edited at any time.

Data Source Labels/Tags

Possible labels/tags you might want to associate to a data source, in order to organize it, considering you have many data sources. Can be edited at any time.

Data Source Description

The description of your data source. Can be edited at any time.

Step 2 - Data Source Details
The fields from data sources details step vary according to the source selected. Some sources uses OAuth authentication method, for example.

Below are the most common fields used for database sources.


Data Source Type

The data source from where you want to load data from. Cannot be edited once it's created.

Access Type

The connection method you want to use to connect to the data source, direct connection or SSH tunnel connection (using a SSH key). Can be edited at any time.


The IP address or hostname of to connect. Can be edited at any time.


The source's connection port. Can be edited at any time.


The source's username, if exist. Can be edited at any time.


The source's password, if exist. Can be edited at any time.


The source's database name, in case you have multiple databases in the same source. Can be edited at any time.

Step 3 - Confirmation
Summary of the configurations defined for the new database before you finally create it.

Once the database is created, it will be immediately available for inserting and querying data, and automatically appear on the list of databases.

IP Addresses

If you need the IP Addresses which SlicingDice will use to connect to your data source, whitelist the following IPs: