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Logs & Auditing

On this page you can learn more about the history and usage statistics pages from Control Panel.

Overview of the Logs & Auditing page

Logs & Auditing is where you can find the last actions that some user made in the account. Information like Created a New Database, Deleted a Database can be found there.

This page will show you about the Logs, like when a database just got created and by who.
If you want to know more about query logs or latency, visit the Account Statistics documentation

You can find this page going on Identity and Acess, then clicking on "Logs & Auditing" (or clicking here)

There you'll find a page like this one.

Three sections appear.

  • Date and Time
    This section will give information about when an action occurred. All timestamp is in UTC.
  • Action
    The action that has occurred.
  • User
    The User's email that performed the action.

You can see more details about the action by clicking the green arrow at the start of the row.
The only new information is about the action performed, like the database name that just been created or deleted.