SlicingDice Modules

Understand how SlicingDice can help you solving your data challenges through our modules.

SlicingDice consists of a fully-managed All-in-One Data Solution with 4 built-in modules, allowing users to load, store, analyze, visualize and make predictions with data.

SlicingDice can be used, as a whole, through our Control Panel or API.

Control Panel

Using SlicingDice's control panel, any user can perform every action there is in SlicingDice in a friendly user interface, without using any code. Also, you can create user roles and allow other people to access the control panel, with granular options on what they can (or cannot) perform in the platform.


Although SlicingDice has full SQL-92 support, it also provides you with a REST API so you can make any operations you need, including streaming data directly to your SlicingDice database. It also offers SDKs so you can use its API in different languages. Take a look at its API documentation and the available endpoints.

Data Warehouse

SlicingDice offers a a fully managed and infinitely scalable data warehouse, which is built on top of a proprietary database technology, S1Search. It also provides flexibility for storing any kind of data in a single table while offering a 10-sec query SLA. This means you don’t need to configure, manage, monitor or even worry about your database performance, because everything is automatically handled by the system.

With SlicingDice you can access and analyze data from different sources in two ways:

  • Physical Data Warehouse: the cloud-based, SQL & API data warehouse allows clients to store as much data as they need without scaling costs as fast as demand.
  • Logical Data Warehouse (private beta): A virtual analysis layer that enables clients to query sources directly, performing analytics without having to worry about moving data.

Data Loading & Preparation

SlicingDice offers a Data Loading & Preparation module that allows users to connect to their data sources, using its 150+ different connectors. They can then use loading jobs to load data into SlicingDice, manually or automatically (scheduled). Finally, the Data Preparation tool allows users to perform SQL queries to transform data in SlicingDice as needed, for Machine Learning or any other use they might have.

Business Intelligence

SlicingDice offers a 2-part Business Intelligence module that any user can learn in minutes and extract insights from their data. Those insights can be shared or downloaded with a couple clicks.

  • Reporting & Dashboard: With this tool you can create deeply customizable reports, charts, and dashboards, which can be updated in real-time, using your data in SlicingDice. You can share your visualizations using a simple URL or even embed them using an iFrame code.
  • Self-Service BI: This tool empowers end-users to perform data analysis without requiring SQL knowledge or the IT department. Create simple charts and pivot tables with a few clicks to answer whatever question you need, using your data in real-time..

Machine Learning

SlicingDice offers a Machine Learning module, powered by BigML, which allows for predictive analytics. Users can create and evaluate different learning models, without having to move data from their SlicingDice databases. The OptiML feature allows users with nascent machine learning know-how to automatically create and evaluate every possible model and every possible configuration to find the best fit for their predictions. As they scale in needs and proficiency, they can use WhizzML to automate ML applications to newer datasets and Fusions to create more powerful and precise models. BigML also has their own API, which can be used by SlicingDice users.