Here you'll see the most frequently asked questions about SlicingDice and its features.

SlicingDice as a product

The All-in-One Data Solution, provided by SlicingDice, is an easy to use, fast and cost-effective cloud-based platform, designed for any data challenge. You don't need to spend time configuring, tuning and managing infrastructure.

Because SlicingDice provides optional built-in tools to work through your whole data pipeline, in a serverless platform with a powerful API.

When you decide to use one of our competitors' platform, you'll likely need to hire third-party tools to build all of your company's data solution. This will lead you to waste time and money trying to figure out how to connect all the pieces together.

Currently, we offer Data Loading & Transformation, Data Exploration & Visualization, Data Intelligence and Data Warehouse modules.

We have our own innovative compression technology. It’s common for us to see compression ratios between 1/10 and even 1/30 of the original data size when inserting it on SlicingDice database, ShannonDB.

There's no magic trick about what we do and the logic is pretty straightforward: as we can store our customer's data using just a fraction of its original size, it costs us much less than any other solution, so we can offer much more affordable pricing models.

We comply with some of the highest security standards and regulations. Since we've built our database from the ground up, we have a proprietary encoding that makes it harder for outsiders to affect our code or client data. Also, we have tight infrastructure security and store data redundantly in three data centers in different locations. You can learn about our compliance and security measures here.
Yes, but remember that actually you need to load your data in order to use SlicingDice's BI tool on it. You can learn about our Data Exploration & Visualization Module here.
You can test our BI, Reporting & Visualization module for free and see if it fits your needs. If not, you can use our data warehouse as a source for your BI tool, as it is ready to connect to all established BI solutions.
Yes, in the Control Panel just access "Identity and access" -> "Roles and Policies" so you can create permission groups and control their access to SlicingDice's features. Then you just need to put the users you want on this group. Check more about it in our Permission Group documentation.
Go to our site and register. You can create a test database for free.
We support near-real-time data insertion (maximum 5 seconds between insertion and query availability).
Returning fast queries using many columns, storing time-series, being easy to maintain, holding a huge amount of data and charging small prices to provide an All-in-One data solution for you.
As we use a columnar database, SlicingDice is not good at retrieving everything about an entity all the time, working as a transactional database, storing case-sensitive data, building snowflake schemas and being instantly consistent.


We have different pricing models for each module in SlicingDice. You can check it in our pricing section.
Our system can automatically detect which pricing model is best for you. If you have a lot of columns on your database, you should go with pay-per-gigabyte. Otherwise, you should try pay-per-column. You can also manually select one of those options (and change it at anytime) when creating a database.
You have limits per day and minute to insert and query data on SlicingDice, respectively. You can hire an extension plan to exceed those quantities if needed. Learn more about the pricing of the extension plans here.
At this moment, any credit card supported by Stripe that can be charged in US Dollars.

Physical Data Warehouse

No. As an OLAP database, our main focus is to provide an analytical database, which is not the best option for cases like PoS or ERP systems. In SlicingDice, although you can build a Star Schema, you don’t need to, because the way our database stores data enables you to store every type of data together, in a single dimension.
Test databases are free to use but the data you load is deleted every seven days. They have limited insertion/query throughput, as they use limited resources from our infra-structure. Production databases are the standard database you use for working purposes, they use all our infrastructure capability and you will be charged when you use them.
You and whomever you give access to. You can control access by database keys, whitelisting your database to specific IP/Domain Addresses and giving permissions to users.
Using our built-in workbench (or external ones) or directly via API.
No. You can see all our supported data types here.
You can easily connect to your SlicingDice's database using our JDBC and ODBC drivers or using our Client Libraries, provided in the most popular programming languages. Also, we have a powerful API that you can connect to use your databases via JSON or SQL.
Yes. We support geolocation data and it can be queried together with every other data type. We even have geolocation event columns, which are latitude and longitude with a timestamp.
Yes, all the data in our system is encoded with our proprietary encryption. As soon as you insert your data, it will be encrypted. Check more about how we handle data security here.

Data Loading Module

Through our Data Loading module or via API or SQL commands. Check more info here.
No. By creating a Data Source you only have configured the source from which SlicingDice can extract data from. To really transfer data you have to create a Loading Job in the Control Panel.

A Loading Job is a connection to a Data Source that makes the mapping of your data from the data source and sends this data to a SlicingDice's database. When you start the loading job is when the data from your data source starts to flow to your SlicingDice's database. Read the Loading Data guides to learn more about Loading Jobs.

The performance depends on the amount of data and the number of different sources but our time-to-insight is measured in minutes. Also, we support streaming of data and concurrent loading jobs.

BI, Reporting & Visualization Module

It's a bunch of features that enables users to analyze and create charts, dashboards and reports using data stored in their SlicingDice databases, so they can explore their data and take insights from it.
Check all types of charts that we provide here.
Yes. You can see our documentation about Chart interactions for more information.
Yes, dashboards are updated when data is updated


You can check detailed comparison with the most popular data platforms here.
Simple pricing, guaranteed query times, little to no maintenance, focus on time-series data, built-in DataViz and data loading functionalities.