Technical Details

You'll find key SlicingDice's Data Warehouse technical details. This list is quite dynamic and we'll be constantly updating it.

10s Query Speed SLA

Anytime your query takes longer than 10 seconds to complete you automatically receive a US$ 0,10 discount on your subscription, no matter how complex the query or how large the dataset. If your queries are slow we believe it’s our responsibility, not yours.

OLAP Database

SlicingDice's database is fully optimized to work as an OLAP database. This means that it performs at full capacity when used to build a Data Warehouse and perform analytical operations.

Denormalized Database

Different from most databases, SlicingDice can keep its top performance even when storing denormalized data. It can handle attribute and event columns on the same table (in fact, this is what we recommend when modeling your database on SlicingDice).

Snowflake Schema Incompatibility

Due to how SlicingDice handles entities and foreign keys, it is not supported to model your data on a Snowflake Schema.
Star Schemas, although most times not necessary, are fully supported.

Case Sensitive Data

All strings are stored in SlicingDice in lower case. If you need, for some reason, to perform analytical queries using case sensitive data, SlicingDice might not ne the best fit for your needs.

Queries precision in "seconds"

At this moment, the most granularity you can have for your time intervals on SlicingDice is 1 second. Anything above this limit is not supported yet.

Always query the whole dataset

The proprietary database technology used behind the scenes by SlicingDice (ShannonDB) always returns results based on the whole analyzed dataset. SlicingDice does not aggregate data automatically for performance improvement.