Sharing Visualizations

On this guide you'll learn how to share any Saved Chart or Dashboard with anyone you wish, using an URL.

Visualization URL

Click on the three dots button, go to Share, Get link and copy the URL. Send the link directly to wherever you wish.

Get the iFrame code

Our Reporting & Dashboards tool can share this URL directly through two different channels:


You can use the e-mail field to share your visualizations directly, adding a custom message.

Social Media

You can publish a link to your visualizations directly into your Social Media accounts.
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Visualization Privacy

Shared visualizations can be made private in two ways:


You can define a password for any visualization URL you have. Users will be prompted to insert this password when accessing your visualization URL.

IP Whitelist

You can define an IP whitelist for any visualization URL you have. Only users with the whitelisted IPs will be able to access your visualization URLs.

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