Filtering visualizations per user

You'll learn how to filter the results of a chart or dashboard per user in the Data Visualization Tool.

Creating a filter

On the Data Visualization Tool inside the Business Intelligence Module, click on the Admin section and then click on Custom Attributes. Click on the + button and set a name of a Custom Attribute.

Now you'll need to specify the corresponding values for that attribute for your users or groups.

Go to Admin section and click on the Team member options. Select a Team Member, click on the vertical reticences and select Custom Attribute.
There, you'll find text fields for each custom attribute that you defined in the previous step.

Now you'll need to pair the corresponding fields in a dataset with these custom attributes. After that, the custom attribute will enable you to activate the data dynamic filtering after the dashboard or chart is shared.

Select your dataset and go to the Dataset editor. Click in a field, then select your custom attribute.

Now the user will only see the data set in the Custom Attribute. In this example, the user "João" will only see the data which has "Toyota" as the brand.