Creating a dataset for visualization

On this guide you'll learn how to create and define a dataset to be used as the base for the dashboards and charts you want to create

Creating a dataset

In order to create any chart or dashboard on the Reporting & Dashboards Tool, first you will need to create a visualization dataset. This dataset is a subset of some data you have stored in your database, defined by a SQL query, that you'll choose to populate your charts and dashboards with.

After logging into the SlicingDice Control Panel, navigate to the Data Exploration & Visualization module on the left. Access the Reporting & Dashboards tool. You'll see your databases listed there. Choose the one with the data you want to use.

Click on Browse datasets, and then click on write SQL Query.Type the SQL query SELECT * FROM [dimension name].

Creating dataset on the Reporting & Dashboards tool

Click on RUN. You'll be able to check the fields (columns) that will be used to create your charts and dashboards, as well as a sample data table. Click on DONE on the dataset and finish the dataset creation by clicking on RENAME.

Now you're able to create charts or create dashboards based on this dataset you have created.