Creating Dashboards

On this guide you'll learn how to create a Dashboard with multiple tabs, insert interactive charts on it and add dashboard filters

Creating a Dashboard

Access the Reporting & Dashboards Tool inside the Data Exploration & Visualization Module and click on + at the bottom right of the screen and choose Dashboard. A blank dashboard will be created.

Clicking on Insert you can insert new charts, any saved charts you previously created, any text or image, or even embed objects (such as videos). You can also add more tabs to your dashboard by clicking New sheet.

Many objects can be inserted in

Creating Interactions

Charts within dashboards can be formatted to highlight or filter other charts.

In your dashboard, turn on the Edit selector and click the chart you wish to use as a filter. Click on the cogwheel icon () on the top right of the chart, select Format and go to the Chart tab.

You'll see the Interaction box. Click on Actions and choose selection. The names of the other charts in the dashboard will appear below. Select the ones you want to be filtered and click on Done

Charts filter other charts.

Inserting Filters

You can enable users to filter charts ad hoc on the dashboard based on any of your data's dimensions or date.

In your dashboard, turn on the Edit selector. Then, click on the Filter icon on the top right. Select which type of filter you want to apply to your data by clicking on the corresponding item:

  • Measure: filter according to rules set to the quantitative values, like greater than, not equal, between and so on.

  • Measure filter example

  • Dimension: filter according to rules set to the qualitative values, like wildcard (string) matches or top X values.

  • Dimension filter

  • Date: filter according to rules set to time and date by periods, like fixed periods(years 2015 to 2019) or floating ranges (last X months).

  • Date filter example

Select which charts you want the filter to be applicable to and click on Done at the top right corner to create the dashboard filter.

You can click the three dots button, select Settings and activate the Display all filters on sheet to allow end-users to activate those filters whenever they wish.