Adding an SSH Key

An SSH Key is a key that uses public key cryptography to assure identity. Some connections created on SlicingDice may need to create an SSH Tunnel, so you need to provide your SSH Key to us for later connection of data sources that enforces SSH Authentication.

Adding an SSH Key

In your Control Panel, access the Account Management section and then click in SSH Keys.

You'll be able to see a list of all SSH Keys that are registered in your account, as you can see below.

List of SSH Keys already added

Now, click on Create New SSH Key. You'll be presented to the following screen where you'll be able to provide your:

  • SSH Key Name
  • SSH Key Password
  • SSH Key, itself, that can be pasted by text or uploaded in a file.
    You can choose how you'll do it selecting the Private Key Type
Step of creating an SSH Key

Then, click on Save and that's it! You have set your SSH Key to SlicingDice that now may be shown on the SSH Keys List.